How to repair a laminate?

If your floor covering is covered with cracks, and chips formed on its surface and scratches do not try to immediately dismantle it. If the damage is not very serious, then they can be corrected using improvised means. The laminate today is the most modern coating that meets all the necessary quality standards, and in addition it is a fairly durable coating. Despite the fact that the laminate is quite strong, damage may occur during its operation. For example, something heavy can fall on the laminated floor when you rearrange the furniture. Thus, chips, scratches or even cracks may appear on any laminate, regardless of its quality.

If this happened, it is necessary to purchase a special composition intended for repairing coatings from the laminate in a construction store, and fill it with a damaged place. If there was no such composition in the store, then you can use an acrylic sealant, preferably two -color, so that you can get the desired color. Apply a solution or glue with a rubber spatula. Remember, when drying, the sealant is getting dark.

If the gap is deep, then it can be covered with a solution of gypsum and sawdust 1: 1, diluted with a small amount of water. The density of such a solution is similar to the thickness of the toothpaste.