How to put a wooden floor in order

The putty mixture for wood in the present period of time is very popular. This type of material poorly passes moisture, which means that the life of wooden coatings increases. The plowed place subsequently can be painted and varnished. After drying, putty repeats all the contours and colors of the tree in its natural form. In addition to gender, such a mixture can be used for any wooden products.

Acrylic putty is mainly used for parquet flooring. Before applying the putty layer, the surface must be washed, dried and fixed with staggering parts. And here

If it is important for you to repeat the natural structure and color of the tree, then the putty “Tikkuril” in this regard has proven itself perfectly. You can grind such a surface after 3 hours, after putty. As for the thin -dispersed putty “wenge”, it is in addition to aligning the surface, it has the ability to eliminate minor defects. It can be used in the form of a finish coating for an ideal outward surface.

The acquisition of such a putty will not be difficult, since it is implemented in many construction stores. And the fact that the price is more than acceptable is especially pleasing, which means that it is available to people with any income level.