How to properly glue wallpaper on the ceiling

For most people, gluing the ceiling is a very difficult task, but everything is not so difficult, because the ceiling is a flat surface without any sockets or switches like on the walls.

Before starting gluing the ceiling, you need to get rid of old wallpaper, whitewashing or paint. Then the ceiling needs to be primed. This can be done using wallpaper glue or special primer. It is very important to make plates. They should be comfortable and careless. It is desirable that they are on the length of the entire room, because then it will be very convenient to glue.

In order to stick wallpaper on the ceiling, you will need to buy a special glue. It does not need to be saved, because then you can lose much more. Another glue should approach the wallpaper you bought.

Do not forget to get rid of the draft in the room, because because of them bloating, waves may also appear, it may also be that the wallpaper to dry out is uneven.

The glue should be applied to the wallpaper evenly. After applying the glue, it is necessary that the wallpaper is a little lie down (about two three minutes) so that the glue is absorbed slightly. Glue the wallpaper on the one hand, and not on two together. In order to make it conveniently glued wallpaper put into an accordion.