How to properly and qualitatively paint with a brush

Many also think: “…drive back and forth and paint – nothing difficult!”

It is possible, but I advise you to read a couple of tips on how to do it right and get not just a good, but a professional result!

Color in 2 perpendicular directions

First across, then along. So we do not leave gaps and put the paint with an uniform layer over the entire surface.

Before work, soak the brush in the water

Dip the brush into the water for 10 minutes, you can longer. So the bristles will be elastic, will not break and leave annoying hairs on the paint. Pull the brush with a clean cloth before painting.

Another plus is that such a brush is easier to wash.

Before painting, saturate the brush with paint

So the painting will be better. This is done like this: half the brush into the paint, then squeeze it on the edge of the can. So you need to do it several times until the pile is saturated with paint. Everything, now the brush is ready for work!

Make a little brush

Take your time, plunge the brush into a jar of paint just a little bit. If you take a lot of paint at once, then this is fraught with leaks and uneven application. In addition, everything will drip to the floor, drain you in your arms.