How to overhaul the walls

Preparation of walls for painting is the most difficult and laborious process during the repair. The walls that you plan to paint should first be perfectly leveled. This is very important especially if you intend to use water -based paints.

At the very beginning of the wall painting process, you should use black plaster for surfaces. At this first stage, gypsum plaster is preferred, but if you have to do not a small amount of work, it is better to think about the acquisition of a sand and cement mixture.

After your wall is dry, you can start the putty procedure. The competently plastered surface is much easier to perceive the imposition of putty. The putty layer has a direct dependence on how well the plaster was applied.

Then you can proceed to grinding surface. After the surface is polished, you can add a reinforcing layer, such as non -woven or glasshold. At the end, the final putty and grinding is made. After that, the walls should already acquire literally perfect smoothness. Only with strict observance of all procedures can you achieve the desired result.