How to measure door openings?

When repairing in the apartment, you should replace the old doors with new. This must be done in the first place, since then the repair will be delayed, and you will have to re -glue the walls with wallpaper and close up doorways.

First decide what doors you want to purchase and install. Experts recommend the door of the Block Master, which can be selected from the large assortment of the company. Standard doors have a height of 1900-2000 mm, and width from 600 to 800 mm. This is taken into account when measuring the opening of doors.

The doorway has its own thickness. If you have a typical standard apartment, then its size should be 75 mm. If the dimensions of your opening do not correspond to these parameters, new problems appear: you need to order and install an expander from the box or, if the box is thicker than the wall, you need to do it from it. This will help to correctly and reliably install the platband, and the appearance of the new door will not be broken.

Such actions, of course, will lead to additional material and physical costs. Therefore, we recommend that the door slope measured right away right. It will be better if this is done by a specialist who will be responsible for the work done.