How to lay tiles correctly

Experts divide the tile into four classes. The most impact -resistant – it is dated to the 4th grade in more required places, such as the entrance to the housing. First class tiles, put in bathrooms. Middle classes of tiles use for the finish of the kitchen.

Laying tiles is done according to the technology of cladding. The seams between the tiles should be sealed with sealants after a day, after you glued the tile to the surface.

In order for the tile to lie evenly, you should measure the walls so that they are even, and make the even angle with which you are going to start masonry. Next, cut the tile with pieces of the size you need, which are needed for angles. Make sure that the ranks are symmetrical. Also, do not forget about special corners, so that the distance between the tiles is the same.

It is advisable to work from the farthest corner from the entrance. Pass the tiles evenly, it is advisable to use the construction level. If you saw that the tile lies unevenly, and it will not work to fix it with your hands, then we advise you to use a rubber hammer. If the tile lies on the floor, you should not walk along it for a day. Put the board over it and walk on the board.