How to lay parquet correctly

You can lay parquet yourself, without the help of specialists. This will save money. Consider the procedure of masonry parquet in more detail. First you need to remove the old coating. Next, the first layer of a special substrate is laid, the seams are fastened with tape. It is necessary to determine the direction of the parquet board, mainly it is laid along the length of the room. Next, proceed to laying the first row of parquet, when laying subsequent rows, use chess order. This will allow such a floor to be resistant to various kinds of loads and deformation.

Glue is used to fasten the panels. To lay the last row of the parquet board, we perfectly succeed. After the entire parquet is laid, it is necessary to leave the room for twelve hours. This is necessary in order for the glue to dry. When this time passes, you can remove the bars and install the skirting boards. The last step is to lend parquet and it is ready for operation. Currently, a huge selection of various parquet boards that can emphasize the advantages of any interior. In construction stores you can find a parquet board of various textures and colors.