How to glue the wallpaper correctly

Before starting pasting with wallpaper, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the walls. Unshepoled walls will not give you such an opportunity. If your walls have an irregularities of more than 1 cm, then they should be eliminated or refused to put on the wallpaper. In two ways, you can glue the wallpaper – in the end and overlap, paper thin wallpapers are overlapped, while the pattern is selected. These wallpaper should be glued from the entrance to the window, while the joints will be invisible. Praising the wallpaper VSTOK requires more knowledge, but the quality will also be much higher. There are several ways, consider one of them.

First of all, before starting work, it is necessary to study the passport, which is in the roll, while the series and number of the party must coincide, otherwise the wallpaper may differ in color or pattern. Then we look at the selection of the drawing: 0 – the absence of the selection, 0/52 – the selection of a figure 52 cm and 25/52 – a displacement of 25 cm, the selection is 52 cm (each strip must be selected separately). The base for wallpaper can be non -woven and paper. Wallpapers on non -woven are glued much better than on paper.

Only the wall is smeared for pasting with non -woven wallpaper, it is better to do it twice, and we smear the wall and canvas in order to glue paper wallpapers. If bubbles appear on paper wallpaper, then they pierce the needle, they will come down when the wallpaper is dry. The wallpaper is cut with a painting knife. You need to smooth the wallpaper from top to bottom with a Christmas tree using a metal spatula. The joints are connected immediately, while the wallpaper is not pulled.