How to fill 3D floors yourself

The method of applying these new sexes is almost no different from the usual sex. The layer is very thin, and for this the lower layer of the black floor should be high. Before starting work, it is necessary to ensure ventilation of the room, since a very caustic smell is harmful.

The basis should be concrete, which must be dried for 30 days. A concrete layer must be made perfectly even by using a grinder or a leveling machine. Then the surface is treated with a mixture of PVA and water. Grounding the surface, you need to wait a day, and then vacuum.

Now we prepare a mixture of hardener and polymer mixture in accordance with the instructions. Everything must be mixed with a mixer until a mass of a homogeneous state is obtained. It is necessary to knead a small amount of solution, as it freezes.

Finally everything is ready, and we start filling the floor. All the resulting mixture must be poured onto the floor and rubbed with a spatula on the surface. The thickness should be no more than five millimeters. Then go with a roller to remove all the air. We leave to dry for a week. And the most long -awaited and complex stage comes – gluing the picture. The dried layer needs to be wetted and a banner. But this is already a separate topic.