How to extend the life of hinges

Today I would like to tell a little trick on how to repair worn -up hinges or just significantly extend the life of new details. If you “pounded” the joints of the cardan gear, which often happens in Lada, Muscovites and some other cars, then their wear is already quite large. But this does not mean at all that hinges will have to be replaced with new. It is possible that you will get by and repair. This process is surprisingly not so complicated.

Crosses of the crosses, as a rule, wear out most of all on one side and on the area that makes up less than half of the entire circle of the spike. When removing from the car, the position of the hinge must be marked and turn it. The parts of the hinges are washed and lubricated, then collected and rotated by 180 ° in relation to the previous position. After this procedure, the main load will be on the unexplored side of the cross. By the way, every 50-60 thousand. km of run is recommended to turn the crosses.

So you can extend their service life. Repair of Krestini hinges cannot be called a very reliable repair, since inverted hinges will still not replace new. Therefore, having resorted to this temporary tool, it must be borne in mind that in the near future you still have to replace the hinges of the crosses.