How to choose the right windows?

Today, a huge number of people argue about which windows are better and better: plastic or wooden. But the disadvantages, as well as advantages in both plastic and wooden.

Among other things, pay due attention and double -glazed window. If you have street lamps near your windows, as, for example, on the site

Incorrectly dried wooden windows can become rotten, transferred or dry. Also, some manufacturers make windows from a tree, which was brought from a zone where a high level of radiation. That is why when buying wooden windows, it is worth demanding a quality certificate. Behind wooden windows you need to take care of every year – color, as well as make gaps. But despite the obvious flaws of wood windows are in demand, as it is good and for a long time in the building, as well as compared to plastic windows, they are acceptable.

But the plastic windows have their disadvantages. It is worth knowing that the branded, made of high -quality profile, the windows will not stand very cheap. Installation of plastic windows is also not cheap. Before buying windows, you should definitely see a quality certificate in order to probably know about what material they were made of. Also, complete with plastic windows can sell a plastic window sill (it retains heat much better), a mosquito net. Windows need to be very carefully chosen so that they serve for a long time.