How to choose the right wallpaper

Single -layer paper wallpaper has long sunk into the past, but they were replaced by two -layer and multi -layer wallpaper. They are divided into: smooth and embossed. Smooth ones are made using a printing press, various tones, and with a wide variety of drawings. Embossed wallpaper is made by applying paint to a paper base.

Recently, they often use wallpaper for painting. They are durable, light, non -woven passes the air, thereby giving the wallpaper to breathe, they do not swell, do not get wet, and no shrink.

Thanks to non -woven, the effect of depth is obtained, and the drawing on the wallpaper becomes more voluminous. Using multi -layer non -woven, you get an interesting visual effect.

Wowwing on a non -woven basis allow hidden defects of the plastered wall. Such wallpapers are glued to any basis: plaster, drywall, chipboard, concrete, wood, etc. D.

Vinyl wallpaper can simulate many finishing materials. They are durable and durable waterproof. They can be glued in rooms where constant wet cleaning is required. The only drawback is that the wallpaper is airsproum.

Silkography – one of the types of vinyl wallpaper. The wallpaper is made on the basis of vinyl paper painted in a very complex way, after which they heat up and undergo hard embossing.

As a rule, vinyl is thermal treatment. The joints of the joint in the joint are glued, the seams are smoothed with a roller.