How to choose the right type of paint

Practically no repair in the apartment, country house or office can do without such an indispensable component as paint. In this regard, when planning the repair, there is a need for the correct choice of paint and not only in shade, but also by other properties that determine its durability and that the absence of toxic compounds in the paint is important. Paint is used both for the work indoors when staining ceilings, walls, doors, window frames, and external works when painting facades. Currently, paints and varnishes are presented on the Russian market with a very large selection of Russian and foreign products. The durability of the paint is determined mainly by those components that are in its composition. Today in the paint of famous manufacturers can be from 8 to 16 different components. The main of these components is a connecting base, pigment and filler. The remaining components serve mainly for fire resistance and protection against mold and fungi, as well as other special components that determine the scope of the use of a certain paint. When choosing a paint, preference should be given to colors of well -known manufacturers, which, by definition, cannot be cheap, since the cost of quality components is a significant part of the cost of paint.