How to choose flooring

In order to choose a good high -quality coating, you need to understand a little of its properties and characteristics. This does not mean that you need to know all the products, but it is possible to understand how the laminate from the carpet is different, everyone should. Then you yourself can decide that you need a dirty rug in a corridor if a capricious carpet is laid in the rooms. These rugs, according to manufacturers, can detain up to 90 percent of dust and dirt, which is brought from the street with shoes.

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The effect is especially noticed if you have a light tones carpet. Naturally, such a coating is laid on the floor immediately after the repair, so that the floor is not spoiled. Any owner of his house should understand the properties of materials. For example, the laminate is a little stronger than the parquet, which is constantly necessary to rub and stain with varnish. But the parquet has its own positive feature – this is a very warm coating, as it is made of natural wood. It is optimal to put ceramic tiles at the beginning of repair work in the bathroom or kitchen, in those rooms where increased moisture. It is tile that is the best option that is easy to wash.