How to choose a mirror for an apartment

There are many diverse mirrors that can differ in shape, purpose, color, size, edge processing, and so on. When choosing mirrors for different rooms in the apartment, the existing variety should be taken into account. At the same time, some criteria for choosing a mirror remain unchanged.

In the manufacture of a mirror, glass or outflow. Classic mirrors are based on silicate glass, organic glass (based on polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic, etc. D.) used for the production of polymer mirrors. Each type of mirrors has positive and negative sides. Heavy and fragile silicate glass has better reflection and resistant to scratches, and light and strong organic glass easily scratches.

To obtain a mirror effect on the back of any glass, a reflecting layer is applied – Amalgam. Distinguish between mirrors with aluminum or silver coating. The low cost of the aluminum coating does not always compensate for the low physical characteristics of this type of coating. Mirrors with this coating can distort reflection and are practically not produced today. The ideal reflective coating for mirrors is silver spraying. In other relationships, the mirror is chosen according to aesthetic and functional characteristics, depending on the preferences and financial capabilities of the owners.