How to choose a drilling tool

The drilling tool is used in the construction of foundations, bridge structures, when wiring communications and in dismantling systems. The choice of the tool depends on the type of processed surfaces, operating conditions and the daily duration of the tool.

High accuracy of drilling and maximum performance allow diamond drilling tools to achieve. A special cutting part, with diamond crowns, allows you to quickly make holes in reinforced concrete, cut metal structures.

The power element of the drilling tool is the engine. During the drilling, the machine must hold the necessary speeds, so the choice of engine power depends on the density of the processed material and the possible diameter of the holes. Most often, hydraulic, electric and gasoline engines are used.

The constructive elements of the drilling tool also include a stand that allows us to ensure stability of the tool during operation. The presence of a rack makes it possible to avoid distortions when drilling holes of large diameter. Given the significant weight of the tool, the stand is a mandatory element of the design.