How linoleum is glued

The final stage of repair measures in the home is the flooring of the floor with any finishing material. Very often, the hosts choose linoleum as it. In order for the work to go through the best result, it is necessary to first choose the right coating itself.

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At the moment there are a lot of them. And each option has its own installation features. For example, in some cases it is necessary to additionally lay the substrate. In others, you have to use moisture -resistant glue, if you need to finish in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Be that as it may, before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the floor well. It should be extremely carefully aligned. Very often you have to fill a new screed, because on the basis of quite severe irregularities are found, which do not allow you to quickly carry out styling.

The gluing of the finishing material itself is carried out using a special mastic. If a linoleum has a fabric base is used, it is necessary to use bitumen mastic. The felt substrate can be glued with a bitumen mastic with the addition of rubber glue and turpentine.