How drywall is used

Sheets of cardboard with a gypsum layer are very popular in modern construction due to their universality. Of these, you can create multi -level ceilings, interior partitions, various designs. Also drywall serves to align walls with a large curvature. Possessing excellent characteristics, drywall coating can be used in any room. In the living room from a conventional drywall sheet, which is easily cut and formed in a convenient part, you can perform a solid structure of niches and inserts. This structure will replace traditional shelves and cabinets. Moisture -resistant material can be covered with walls in the kitchen, in the toilet and bathroom.

To create increased fire safety, you can use fireproof drywall. In its production, gypsum is subjected to a special firing and acquires additional strength. From these products, air ducts, ventilation and communication shafts are mounted. Working with drywall is a pleasure, it is so supple and light. In this case, it is not required to purchase complex equipment, tools and make incredible installation efforts. On a frame made of metal guides attached to the surface, plasterboard sheets are attached using conventional screws. The material is mounted quickly, and the result is immediately visible.