High -quality attic windows

Many in childhood or youth dreamed of living in the attic, but time passed and this was not relevant. Now all the attics are renamed in the attic. The abundance of sunlight and fresh air is the main distinguishing feature of the attic, so their windows are strong and reliable.

The light in the attic should spread throughout the room, looking into each of its corners, so simple windows with deaf side openings will not come here. Solely for them, attic windows were created.

They belong to the parts of the roof, so they take on its functionality. The windows in the attic should protect the room from the exposure of the atmosphere, have good warmth and sound insulation, as well as skip light and provide ventilation.

Such windows contain two components – frame and box. But unlike the vertical windows of the glass, the attic should be with increased strength, as this is part of the roof.

For them, as a rule, single -chamber double -glazed windows are used, so as not to overload the structure. Using metal overlays, protect the frame and boxes. It is important to make all the joints well to avoid atmospheric precipitation inside the room.

The attic windows have long been leading a leading position in the number of sales at simple vertical windows. Due to the complexity of the design, the prices for them are not always low. But the windows in the attic can be used in any climatic zone, and the variety of models and views simply delights.