Hellish hot coatings (the so -called, warm floors)

Hot coatings are an easily accessible product that can purchase any. Heating the structure using the technologies under consideration occurs from the bottom up. Today, there is an incredible number of gender gender. What are they.

Hot floor where water is used.

Such a floor is characteristic of buildings with special pipes with water, which subsequently heats up and heats the entire room. Heating pipes are placed under the floor so as to evenly supply the entire room with heat. At your leisure it will not be superfluous to find out what is needed for SRO allow.

Hell electric coatings with heating.

At the base of the heating of the floor is a special electronic heating system. Heat comes due to a special cable or a heating thin pipe. The degree of heating of any electric cable is strictly individual.

Film resources.

At the base of such coatings, a heating film made of graphite is used. At the base of heating – infrared radiation. Choose the floor, with heated based on your preferences, and of course, expert advice, it is difficult to do without them, and you will have a great gender with heating.