Heating your country house

Even if you are in your country house infrequently, a minimum of comfort is still necessary. How to make heating in such a house, investing at least funds?

It makes no sense to do something capital – boiler, batteries, etc. P. The best option will be heated with electricity or fireplace.

Yes, electricity is growing in price. But it is unlikely that your electric heat will have to work for more than fifty hours a year. The costs of this will not be too large. But the advantages are undeniable: electric heaters are not so expensive, easily controlled and quickly raise the temperature.

If the schedule of your arrival at the dacha is stable, then you can set the relay automatic, which will include heating, say, every Friday a couple of hours before your arrival. For heating it is better to choose convectors or sources of infrared radiation. They spend little heat on heating themselves, and immediately transfer it to the surrounding air.

Convectors are with a fan – such heating the room in a matter of minutes. True, their noise can interfere, but the fan, after warming up the room, you can turn off. Infrared heaters are good in that they consume less electricity than convectors.

Fireplaces are justified if you are ready to provide it with fuel. For the fireplace, it is necessary to provide a chimney of sufficient diameter and air supply, best – in the air duct. Protect the floor around the fireplace with non -combustible material – ceramic tiles, steel sheet.