Grounds for laying parquet

Basically, parquet coatings are laid after the implementation of all construction, assembly and finishing actions associated with probable moisture and staining coatings. The humidity of the basis for laying parquet flooring should not exceed 5%. For the basis of the parquet floor, as a rule, the following methods are used: • laying on a concrete screed, which should be smooth and dry. The concrete base can be leveled with a solution of cement (if the irregularities exceed one centimeter) or aligning solutions (when the irregularities of less than one centimeter);

• styling on the base of drooped boards 32-50 mm wide;

• laying on a plywood or chipboard, fixing it motionless to the base (holes are drilled with a punch on a concrete basis, a dowel made of plastic is wedged into them, and plywood is fixed with self -tapping screws);

• Pouring black wooden coating on lags. If pipes with hot liquid run under the coating, then the black coating on lags makes it possible to protect the parquet from interacting with them.

In case of flooring, the parquet floor on the screed first is cleaned of the attached solution, dirt, putty and other construction garbage with iron scrapers on elongated wooden handles.