Glazing of windows – large double -glazed windows

To glaze your home or apartment, today there is no need to call the measurer. Most often, all window openings of strictly standard sizes, and the company manager just just know which layout is at home, so that the order of the order is designed as accurately as possible. Sometimes a series for a specific layout of the house is produced today, and in the booklets the cost of installing a double -glazed window for the type of house – “Khrushchevka”, “Czech” is indicated in advance.If there is a question that it is necessary to glaze a window, then even a professional will not say the cost of installation. To replace the window glass, you need to buy large double -glazed windows, the main purpose of which is the glazing of windows. Such a double -glazed window differs from ordinary “household” windows, both according to manufacturing technology and in all components that are used. To make a large double -glazed window, you need to use tempered glass, it is more reliable and more durable, in comparison with PVC windows, which are designed for apartments. For windows, the thickness of the glass sometimes reaches 10 millimeters. There is a difference in the installation of large double -glazed windows. So, in order to install a window in the apartment, you need two specialists – one is engaged in the preparation of a window opening, dismantles all the remains of building material, and fills the foam. Next, both masters insert a double -glazed window into the window opening. As for the installation of double -glazed windows for window glazing, it is required to install special equipment, because the large weight of the finished product.