Getting rid of stains on the ceiling

Often, residents of apartment buildings have to deal with a situation when, in autumn and spring, the neighbors flooded or flooded.

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After such “cataclysms”, unpleasant yellow stains and spots often remain on the walls and ceiling, spoiling not only the interior, but also the mood of the owners. Most often, an attempt to correct the plastered ceiling only in the place where yellow spots appeared only spoil the case, so you need to remove the entire old material.

To remove the old plaster, it needs to be soaked with water with a roller and left for a while, until the moisture is absorbed. Wet plague is cleaned with a metal brush. With a wet rag, you can wash off the remaining particles. The dried ceiling is treated with a primer. If there are cracks on the ceiling, then they need to be filled with acrylic putty – this is better to do with a rubber spatula. Thanks to such processing, preparation of the ceiling, for example, finishing with acrylic -based paint.

Those who are not experienced in the decoration of premises and repair of apartments The next manipulation may seem quite difficult. The thing is that the grinded surface of the ceiling requires grinding with a skin.