Furniture for the hallway

In order to determine the furniture for the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room. If the apartment is small in the apartment, then it is recommended to place the most basic items (hanger, cabinet for outerwear and shoe shelf) in it). The presence of a wall suspended keyboard will not interfere in a small hallway. She will save the residents from constant searches for the keys on nightstands or pockets of outerwear. You can also add a small cabinet for placing a telephone on it. On a hanger you can place additional hooks for storing umbrellas.

If the area of ​​the hallway allows you to place a wardrobe, then this will save the owner of the apartment from unnecessary piles. In this closet you can place clothes, shoes, hats and accessories, and all this can be hidden behind a sliding system. If the wardrobe is in a small hallway, then its facade is recommended to make it mirrored, as this will visually increase the room. In order to add light in this room, you can place LED lights on the closet itself. Despite the fact that each person spends a little time in the hallway, furniture for this room should be selected in full accordance with the functional purpose of the room.