From roof design to the foundation

The design of the building, including its own home, is associated with the choice of its main characteristics, among which the shape and general design of the roof occupies a significant place. Its weight and the load that will fall on the walls of the building and its foundation depends on the structure of the roof. The general concept of the construction of the house and consideration of aesthetic nature influence the choice. In this case, it is necessary to take into account many calculated and engineering details that are known to the designer – his considerations should be listened. By the way, it will not be superfluous to find out before repairing how the production of a sandwich dummage is carried out, and choose a more suitable for its roof.

The roof design can be designed for several standard developments, in accordance with certain rules, including the calculation of the predicted loads, following the requirements of aesthetics and ergonomics, the general characteristics of the design object. All standard roof developments take into account these rules.

Among the subtleties that have to be taken into account when designing are the purpose of the attic premises, the general style of the structure, the functionality of the roof and the type of its roof, taking into account the total weight and the location of the structure, external operating conditions, the purpose of the house. All of these factors have a noticeable effect on the overall result, and their accounting makes the house convenient and durable.