From a medieval institution to an interior subject

There are no many things in the world so much attracts people in terms of the question of the history of their origin. Most of all we are interested in things familiar to everyone since childhood: shoes, clothes, furniture, food. But if you can find a lot of information about the origin of the traditional dishes of the peoples of the world, or about the history of the birth of various styles of clothing without deepening into history, then everything is not so simple regarding furniture.

It is unlikely that many people know that the floor was invented only a few centuries ago, and the toilet familiar to everyone is also only a couple of centuries. But there are furniture items who are more lucky. So, for example, Viennese chairs have almost not changed since their invention. And it is unlikely that anyone will tell the history of sofas, unless the origin of the sofas was the object of a person’s enthusiasm for some reason.

Our average contemporary, most likely, does not know that in the state of the Samanids in the X – XII centuries of our era, state institutions were called sofas. For example, the sofa Ar-Rassael, or the sofa of Inha, also called the Amid-al-Mulk sofa, made up official documents, the Shurat sofa is an institution for managing the Samanid Guard, the sofa-i-arz-a special office that paid salaries to the Samanid army. And the sofa Berid is state mail. Mukhtasib sofa – something like a state control, controlled merchants, product quality, weight and length measures, as well as an exchange rate. Here is such a rich assortment of sofas existed a thousand years ago. Well, today – a sofa – this is a convenient place to relax and watch TV. Such a transformation. Well… In history, and not this happened.