Formwork for the foundation

Providing the required form of concrete solution can be achieved through the use of a special design, is made, which by knocking out metal parts or ordinary boards. Such a design is most known as formwork, and there are several of their varieties – for mines, ceilings, foundation bases, as well as columns.

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As a rule, the material is mainly the tree, since it is able to ensure proper strength. If significant strength is necessary for large loads, then deciduous rocks are used, while small formwork can be made even of deciduous rocks. Although a huge number of advantages are inherent in wooden constructions, but there is still no drawbacks.

So, the fact of secondary use is questioned, since it is difficult to restore it. In view of this, it is metal formwork that are a solution to this problem. In most cases, parts of the formwork are made of steel, and in some cases you can limit yourself to aluminum. It is this metal that contributes to the ease of installation, as well as weight loss. However, the choice of material should be based on all the features of the work.