Floors made from Zebrano

If we talk about such a material as Zebrano, then it grows in West Africa in countries such as Gabon, Congo and Cameroon. Residents of these countries call such a tree Zebrov.

This material has a beautiful and unusual structure and high strength. Zebrano tree received such a name for the reason that its color is similar to a zebra coloring. There are light and dark stripes on such a tree that will help make your interior unusual and beautiful.

If we talk about the texture of such a tree, then it will depend on what methods of cutting were used, as well as on what method of processing was applied. If you use radial cuts, then ultimately you will get fairly beautiful parallel stripes that will be regular. If you use other types of cuts, then the drawing will turn out not so pronounced, but it will be well preserved.

Such wood can be used for any rooms, even where there is increased humidity. This is due to the fact that the zebrano tree is not deceived, does not interact with moisture. In order to get a beautiful floor covering, zebrano wood floors should be well polished and varnished.