Fire retardants for wood

The tree today is considered one of the most popular building materials, which has many amazing properties, including environmental friendliness and technology, other thermophysical characteristics.

However, this material also has disadvantages: combustibility and fragility, given the effect of bacteria.

It is in order to significantly increase the life of the tree to use fire protection, as well as protect against the effects of fungus, insects and mold. After processing with fire protection, the tree will be more resistant to the effect of high temperature, the fire protection and the degree of safety will be higher, which will increase the life of the structures.

Among the varieties of fire protection and others. the impacts are distinguished:

– fire -retardant impregnation intended for non -residential premises;

– transparent fire -retardant varnish, which serves as protection and retaining the aesthetic properties of the material;

– fire -retardant paint, creating an excellent appearance.

Paints and varnishes for wood are considered thin -layer coatings for fire protection. All coatings will not only protect the wood from harmful effects. They have many unique properties that allow wood to acquire both high environmental value and fire resistance and durability.