Finishing work: cost, costs, materials.

Finishing work in every apartment and in each office begin with the ceiling. Gypsum plasterboard (stretch, in which lamps are built) multi -level ceilings will create a feeling that there are more spaces. Therefore, they are popular. If you do not belong to the supporters of such innovations – then we will limit ourselves to the alignment and painting of the ceiling.

How exactly the walls will be finished is determined by the sphere of use of the room.

In offices, the walls usually paint, in apartments – glued with wallpaper. If you want a more porigin? No problem. It remains to choose a decorative coating.

Laminate outside of competition among flooring, as it can be used in office and residential premises. The ability to choose among a wide range of colors, practicality in use and cheapness are its advantages. Our company has qualified specialists who will put adhesive and castle laminate. Note that the price list for finishing work you can see with us.

Clients with a more exquisite taste will most likely want the floor to be parquet. This material became classic due to high quality and durability. Piece or even artistic parquet will provide the interior with the uniqueness, as well as sophistication.

There are rooms where you can limit yourself to laying tiles (for example, exhibition and trading halls, bathroom, kitchen). Dampness is the main reason for the frequent change of flooring. We will lay the tile and these problems will evaporate.