Finishing with ceramic tiles

This type of finish is usually used in rooms with high humidity – in bathrooms, bathrooms, in the kitchen, etc. P. Paul and walls covered with ceramic tiles are quite durable and easily wash. Wall and floor tiles have a significant and very important difference: wall is thinner and easier, and cannot be used for styling to the floor, where it can be broken during operation. Also, floor tiles should not be used to lay down on the walls due to greater weight, especially to their entire height.

The tools necessary for laying tiles are: a tool for cutting tiles; building level; Spatulas of a special structure for applying glue to tiles (two types: for wall and floor tiles); rubber spatula for sealing seams; a hammer with a rubber head; Measuring tools. Work on laying tiles with patience and accuracy can be done on their own. The ideal basis for laying tiles is a cement or concrete screed. Start to work on the floor in the room after the end of the stages for the repair of the ceiling and walls, in order to avoid damage to freshly laid ceramic tiles.