Finishing slopes with drywall

Facing slopes using drywall is a newer technology than decoration by plaster. Choose this method of decoration in the case when the slopes have severe damage and it is quite difficult to level them. In this embodiment, it is necessary to go on the base of a primer or antibacterial plaster. Sometimes between the wall and drywall there can remain the airspace in which water can fall and if this happens, the plasterboard surface can be deformed. Whatever happens, and your windows always look flawless, you need a void between the wall and drywall with mounting foam.

In order to ensure a neat joint around the entire perimeter of the slope, it is necessary to apply a corner that can be plastic or metal. Cover these slopes with decorative plaster or paint, as well as sometimes use liquid plastic for this. Very rarely, but, nevertheless, it happens that some originals glue slopes with a special furniture film. This surface can be washed, but it will not last at all for long.

This finish option will save you from dirty work.