Features of varieties of drywall

In our country and throughout the world, several types of drywall are commonly distinguished. The most common are, of course, wall and ceiling. You can also find the frequent use of moisture -resistant and arched drywall, but the fire -resistant and acoustic species is used only in certain rooms and it can be found much less often.

Wall drywall is the most universal, it can be found not only on the walls, but often from it they make suspended ceilings and arches. It is popular due to its characteristics and low cost. Ceiling drywall is usually used only for multi -level ceilings, it has good flexibility, from it you can make good curly details, it can be cooked by arches and make waves.

The moisture -resistant drywall resembles all the qualities of the wall, but it is saturated with special antiseptics that prevent mold and various mushrooms from moisture. It is convenient to faced it with any tile, in addition, it can be used for lining of slopes on the windows. Most often, a moisture -resistant option is used in bathrooms and basements. Those who are engaged in construction know very well how important thermal insulation during the construction of buildings.