Features of the repair of a small apartment

To create the design of a small apartment, you need to take into account the number of residents. For one person, you can remove all the internal partitions and make a modern studio. Well, if a family lives in such an apartment, then the repair should be made so that every household has its own corner.

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In small apartments, naturally all rooms are small, so repairing such housing is made with the calculation of savings. To improve the bathroom, you should use compact plumbing, and for the kitchen, built -in household appliances are best suited, which will save the necessary centimeters. It will also free all the surfaces from piles. The halls are usually very cramped in such apartments, resembling a dark tunnel. In this case, it is necessary to correctly design the lighting. To do this, you need to hang several lamps on the walls and direct them in different directions. The end of the corridor should be well illuminated. Also visually expand the space of a narrow corridor will help mirrors or reflective wallpaper.