Features of the recovery of parquet

To repair the aged parquet, first you need to inspect the floor. If the width of cracks does not exceed 1.5 mm, they can be closed with putty. When choosing the material, the type of wood should be taken into account. Before proceeding to putty the gap, you need to clean it of garbage and dust.

A knife or spatula is used to apply putty. It is necessary to fill the recess as tightly as possible. Then you should remove the excess material. When the composition dries, the base must be cleaned with a skin to get a smooth surface. Next, varnish or mastic is performed.

Do not put large cracks with putty, because over time the material will move away from the edges. To eliminate wide cracks, wood inserts are used. You can also replace some fragments of the coating.

When replacing the boards, you need to clean the base of the old glue. To adjust the floorboards, you need a rubble. With it, you need to select the part of the plank that protrudes above the surface. To facilitate the work, first the bar is wetted with water. For better gluing the parquet, the load is laid on top.