Features of the installation and operation of glass doors

Gradually glass doors enter modern room design. However, not many are ready to install an unusual door at home.

Glass doors can be the following types of functioning: swing, pendulum and radius. It is the principle of functioning that determines the features of installation and operation.

Glass sliding doors are most popular among buyers. So, using this interior element, you can visually increase the room or increase lighting. The most common glass is represented by mirror or matte. Features of the installation of this type of glass doors are in the need for a large space around the doorway, which is necessary to open doors.

Pendulum doors are often installed when decorating halls or dining rooms. However, recently they have been installed between the rooms.

A distinctive feature of radius doors is the use of bent glass in the manufacture of bent glass, then adds the individuality and originality of the interior.

The device of glass doors is almost identical to simple doors. The only feature of installation is that you need to work carefully so as not to damage the glass. It is worth noting that the glass used in the manufacture of glass doors is not afraid of light mechanical influences, but it is still necessary to protect the surface from blows.