Features of the device of the subgrade of the railways

The upper part of the one -way subgrade of industrial railways of the ruts of 1,524 mm in the cross section is given the outline of the trapezoid with a width of 2.3 m and a height of 0.15 m. With a two -way subgrade with a cross section, the outline of the triangle with a height of 0.20 m and the base equal to the width of the canvas on top are given.

On the roundings of the access and inter -object paths, the subgrade should be bruised from the outside of the curve on a wide -row of 0.2 m, and on a narrow rut on the paths of 0.1 m. In the flooded places of the edge of the subgrade should be performed above the high -water calculated horizon by at least 0.5 m for a track of 1,524 mm and 0.25 m. For track track 750 mm.

At the stations of the access and intra -election paths, the top of the subgrade is given a gable or single -slop (with the number of ways not more than 5) a transverse profile. The transverse slopes in order to ensure the drain of falling water are taken depending on the ground conditions within the following limits: 0.01-for the sandy loam; 0.02 – for loams with a precipitation amount of less than 350 mm; 0.04 – for heavy loams with a precipitation amount of more than 350 mm.