Features of running lines, or which ones are better?

There are two options for running lines of the main ones:

Monoblock or string whole and indivisible.

Block structure when the line is scored from small blocks

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the monoblock looks much careful. But when ordering it, the question arises about the manufacturer. After all, the domestic market has not yet reached the level of foreign, production has not been put on stream, respectively, the quality of the final product is not high. As a result, it becomes necessary to order from the EU, and this affects the increase.

Compilation of running lines from a certain size of blocks allows you to get less massive structures. Standard blocks have caps above each diode so that the sun’s rays do not fall on them. This trick helps to increase their brightness by about 20%. And with mechanical damage it is much cheaper and easier to replace partially a string, and not the entire block.

As for the country of the manufacturer, most often it is China. At the same time, manufacturers often do not indicate the country of production on blocks, which allows you to play unscrupulous managers on this. But on the other hand, many factories of well -known brands are now working in China and associate Chinese -made goods with the terms “unreliable”, “low -quality” can not always be. Production standards in China have long been consistent with European, which is confirmed by the quality and durability of the goods.