Features of glued timber

The wood to this day is considered unstable material, but with the advent of glued beam, this drawback was eliminated, and all the qualities of wood have been preserved.

This material appeared about 30 years ago and there are several main reasons that indicate the advantage of building a house from this material.• This material has practically no deformation, this is one of the main advantages.• Reliability and strength of the material. This material is completely protected from the effects of fungus and insects.• Environmental friendliness of the material.• Thanks to modern technologies, the beam will be even without cracks for a long time.• Over time, it will remain in its original form, this is a great advantage in comparison with the usual tree.• Thermal insulation of the material. This beam is glued from several details, which gives it to retain heat.• He has high resistance to fire, unlike a regular tree.• Easily mounted. The construction of a house from this material is much easier.• lack of need for additional finishes.• In the manufacture of this material, there is practically no harm to nature. A house built from this material will serve you for many years and in order to fully understand all the charm of this material, you need to see it live