Features of brickwork

Nowadays, at home, erected from brick, they do not stop being in demand, because they are considered elitist, strong and solid. The main advantages of such buildings include durability, resistance to chemicals, resistance to human vagaries, fire resistance.

The brick has a dense structure, and due to its significant density, the thermal conductivity of this building material is increased. Because of this, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the external walls of such a building so that they are thorough and reliable.

To create brick walls, use brickwork technology. And what is the strength of the wall in terms of strength, largely depends on the properties of the solution, brick and the qualities of the type of masonry. In addition, if the masonry seams are poorly filled with a solution, they will freeze, blow and keep poorly warmth.

Masonry for such walls is performed according to a scheme called a dressing. As a result, the brick is used more economically, and the wall is strong. In addition, the load is properly distributed along it. The most important thing when performing masonry is to put the first row correctly. This should certainly be done parallel to the surface of the earth. To achieve this, they use a special rail or cord. To ensure horizontal masonry, you can use the building level. In addition, bricks should be checked with those that are located nearby. This is especially important when facial masonry is carried out.