Features and advantages of ceramic brick

Ceramic brick is most often used to lay the foundation and build partitions and walls of multi -storey buildings. He can also use the partitions in the bathrooms to build partitions, but in this area, gypsum -plated partitions that are cheaper and occupy less space for him to actively compete. But those who appreciate the strength, reliability and good sound insulation, and also does not run in pursuit of cheapness stopping their choice on ceramic brick. If you are interested in the topic of money, then you should visit the site

Ceramic brick has several varieties, since it happens: hollow, or economical, full -bodied, or construction, as well as glazed, facade and shaped. Based on their surface textures, distinguish between relief and smooth bricks.

This building material is surprisingly durable, wear -resistant and universal. It can be used both for the construction of the external facades, given the high frost resistance, and as the internal wall, if you take into account sound insulation. Also ceramic brick is an environmentally friendly natural product, since its basis is burned red clay. Thanks to natural origin, a house made of ceramic brick actually “breathe freely”, which create a favorable climate indoors.