Excavator ECG for career work

The ECG excavator is an electric shovel for career work on a caterpillar, which is designed to load and unload minerals, different rocks of stones or other overall bodies, previously loosened by the explosion. Breeds with a volumetric mass of 2 tons per cubic meter are also loosened before the explosion. If this is not done, there is a high probability of disruption of the chains, which is fraught with unpredictable consequences if someone is on the area of ​​the equipment of the excavator. This can be avoided in two ways. Buy more durable cables and chains, improving the excavator for working with cargoes of large volumetric masses or crush the breed to smaller pieces. There is also the third option – to take risks, and in the end destroy property. Oddly enough, our mentality is too close to the third option, and there is nothing to do with it. Therefore, you cannot do without broken spare parts. Repair of an excavator in this case takes a lot of time, and the prices for spare parts for excavators are not pleased recently. But there is a way out – buying spare parts from official dealers. It is they can at an affordable price to purchase high -quality broken goods. If the time does not push, and you agree to wait for the next supply, then you can significantly save money. However, if you need a spare part immediately and on the day of work, be prepared to pay even a double price. So think well before restarting the excavator and having unforeseen problems as a result of work.