Escalled log

Escalled logs are logs that have the same size both in price and in diameter. In production, coniferous breeds of trees are mainly used, which grow in the northern parts of our country. In such places, the climate is severe and the tree is durable and density. Therefore, such a log has a beautiful texture of fibers, and it also differs in durability.

You can get a log house in such a way that both time and finance do not leave. Production is carried out on modern equipment. Thanks to modern production bases, many organizations have an automated line. Thus, you can produce up to four one hundred square meters of logs in one month.

The ideal shape of the log is achieved due to the fact that production takes place on specialized machines. Thus, not only a good shape is provided, but also the same sizes. The difference in logs can be, but not much large about two millimeters. Thanks to this, a tight fit of one log will be provided to another, and it will not need to work hard with your hands. Thanks to these nuances, the galbed log is very popular in construction.