Durable foundation – durable housing

Each person wants his home to be durable. One of the guarantors of this quality is a strong foundation.

Columnar foundation, for example, is good exclusively for light buildings. It is a set of pillars that are located at a distance of 1.2 to 2.2 meters from each other. They play the role of home support. These pillars can be made from various materials. The columnar foundation will require much less finance compared to other. The complexity of laying such a foundation is also much less.

Foundation repair is a very long and difficult process. Before proceeding to it, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the foundation. In case of detection of any destruction, albeit not very large (small breaks, cracks, etc. D.), you need to start repairing.

Foundation repair methods

The use of wooden structures installed temporarily located on logs, which are in a horizontal position (head).

Building pillars made of concrete installed under the base of the walls.

In order for the soil to take the entire load, it is necessary to use an inclined spacer, which will support the basement wall. In such work, it is imperative to use lighthouses that will monitor all unnecessary changes and regulate them.

You should not save on the repair of the foundation, because the presence of the owner of such a house in the future roof over the head of such a house depends on how conscientiously will be repaired.