Domestic and foreign stairs

Well, what kind of house will be without such an important element as stairs that perform a very important function, namely, connect the upper and lower floors. Some houses that have beautiful, ancient species also have beautiful stairs that are made from a high -strength tree. Stairs in the house also have no small importance in terms of beauty and comfort, because they should fit into the interior of the house.

You need to understand that stairs are also an architectural structure, so it should fit into the style of your home or apartment as much as possible. Before ordering the stairs, you need to consult with interior designers, then your order will delight you for many more years.

Well, of course, your staircase should be safe, made of a very durable tree or thick metal. The width should correspond to your parameters.

Stairs consist of a march, platforms, beams that hold a person, as well as steps. The height of the steps should not be large, since it will not be convenient to take a step, but if they are not high, then this is also dangerous, because you can slip and fall.

There are different options for the slope of the steps, but the optimal option is a slope of 27 degrees.

So we see that the staircase is a very important element of our house, which should be not only beautiful, but also safe.