Do -it -yourself balcony trim.

The balcony is available both in apartments and in country houses. They are absent in hostels or small -family apartments. The cost of such apartments is significantly reduced. Most apartments have small balconies, and only modern architects pay more attention to them. The purpose of the balcony is different for everyone. Previously, most people used the balcony as a warehouse of unnecessary things.

The balcony is a recreation area and in the Middle Ages was considered a very expensive pleasure. In order to hide from the surrounding world and make their balcony more comfortable many planted there various plants. Balcony, this is food for thought where you can experiment. The main thing is to realize that the balcony is not a warehouse, but a place to relax.

When glazing the balcony, it is worth using sliding windows, this will allow you to win a little free space. This option is more expensive, but you win in free space. The floors should be covered from wood or make floors with heated, and lay ceramic tiles on top. Curtains and blinds on the windows will protect you from direct sunlight hit.

Furniture should not take up a lot of space on the balcony, it should make comfort. Flowers should be bought in specialized stores, they will add a color to you to the interior, thereby make your vacation as comfortable as possible.