Determination of the depth of the well

To determine at what depths you can get drinking water, for this, first contact your neighbors. Find out what the depth of their well, as well as finding aquifer. It is highly likely that you will have to dig a well for such a distance, but not a fact.

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You can make several trial wells, so it will be more reliable. In cases where you find water at a depth of about 2 meters, do not rejoice, most likely this water is not suitable for consumption. For reliability, it is worth contacting the nearest SES, where they will conduct a study of its properties, and perhaps recognize her drinking. Otherwise, you will have to dig deeper.

If, when pulling out the well, you stumbled upon a clay layer, do not stop on it, since clay is heavily missing water. A great option would be if you drop the pit to the sandy layer, sand filters water very well. The deeper your well will be, the greater the likelihood of good water quality. And if you have more than one source of water, then such a well is unlikely to dry out.

To avoid work to determine the depths of drinking water, contact a specialist who will use the biolocation method. With the help of fluctuations in metal objects, he will find the best place for the construction of your well. Also, the specialist will help you determine the depth of the well so that it is better supplied with water.