Curtains as a way of zoning space

We all dream in childhood that we will live in a large house with just an incredible number of rooms. Most often, a large house is materialized in the form of a standard kopeckoy, which, however, we are also very happy: “But separately from parents”. But what about the dream? The dream of a cozy house can be embodied in your limited meters, you only need a desire and a little fantasy. The fashionable concept of “zoning of space” means the design in one room of several diverse zones using additional walls, screen, partitions and curtains. If you run with permits for redevelopment not for you, the curtains will be an excellent solution. For zoning the space, Japanese fabric panels or relevant thread curtains are most often used. Japanese curtains can be made of fabrics of various densities – from dense impermeable to translucent flickering web. With a skillful combination, you can achieve completely amazing effects. They are often used in living rooms, especially if it is combined with the bedroom. Thread curtains create a unique atmosphere of comfort and airiness. They fit perfectly in the doorway, separate the dining room from the kitchen. You can supplement them with fabric curtains, and then you will get a unique game of light and shadow in the room. Any glossy facades is not only an impeccable appearance, but also beautiful and looks expensive. There are a huge number of glossy facades are furniture facades, facades for the kitchen. The facades are made of MDF and allow such compositions that would hardly be obtained when working with other materials.